Don't miss vitamin A after weight-loss surgery
Thursday 19 October, 2017
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Don’t miss vitamin A after weight-loss surgery

Published On: Tue, Dec 2nd, 2014 | Diet and Fitness | By BioNews

People who have undergone bariatric surgery to shed weight should not miss on taking the prescribed supplements including Vitamin A to protect their eyes, says a study.

“Taking in too little Vitamin A could in some cases cause night blindness, dry eyes, corneal ulcers and, in extreme cases, total blindness,” said Rui Azevedo Guerreiro and Rui Ribeiro of Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa Central in Portugal.

For the study, the researchers reviewed what little research there currently is on the occurrence of eye conditions following bariatric surgery.

One of the drawbacks of these operations is that patients can develop nutrient deficiencies.

This happens, for example, when patients vomit more often, eat less or develop food intolerances.

“There is a risk that bariatric surgery patients, who do not take the vitamin and mineral supplements prescribed to them, could develop eye-related complications because of nutrient deficiencies,” Azevedo Guerreiro said.

In general, Vitamin A deficiency and eye-related complications seem to be more prevalent after malabsorptive bariatric surgery, the study noted.

The review was published in Springer’s journal Obesity Surgery.

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