Strap a multi-function smartphone to your arm
Tuesday 21 November, 2017

Strap a multi-function smartphone to your arm

Published On: Mon, Sep 29th, 2014 | Telecommunications | By BioNews

You may soon have a wearable device that can offer you the benefits of a smartwatch, fitness tracker and smartphone all at once if developers of an unusual device called “Portal” have their way.

This Android-based, flexible, shatter-proof, water-resistant and wearable smartphone features a flexible 6-inch TFT display that wraps around your lower arm.

“The Portal is a smartphone designed for tech enthusiasts, active individuals and on-the-go professionals who are frustrated with bulky, cluttered, non-durable phones that constantly get in the way of their dynamic lifestyles,” noted the Portal manifesto at the crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

The US-based Portal developers are currently looking for $300,000 (Rs.1.8 crore) in funding on Indiegogo.

“Portal can be comfortably worn on either forearm and features no ports or cord connectivity, freeing your hands and pockets to keep your life active, connected and hassle-free,” the Portal team said.

The device will feature 2GB of RAM, 64GB of storage space and a customised version of Android, the developers said.

Cough up $349 (Rs.21,425) or more and you can have a Portal of your own when they appear next year, Digital Trends website reported.

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