Do you customise smartphone to make friends jealous?
Sunday 19 November, 2017

Do you customise smartphone to make friends jealous?

Published On: Fri, Jul 11th, 2014 | Telecommunications | By BioNews

Do you love to customise your smartphone more often as you are more worried about how others will perceive you with a phone in hand? Join the South Koreans.

According to new research, Americans customise their mobile phones less while South Koreans love to accessorise their phones with charms, cases, bags, stickers, ringtones and screen wallpaper.

This is because Americans value self-expression more and are less worried about how others perceive them and South Koreans are more focused on how to fit into social situations.

“People from eastern cultures tend to be more motivated to change the look and sound of their mobile phones than people in western countries,” said S. Shyam Sundar, co-director of the media effects research laboratory at Pennsylvania State University.

People want to know how others might look at them and also look to others as a way of influencing their own behaviours, Sundar explained.

The researchers asked 400 American students from a US university and 205 Korean students from various South Korean universities to fill out a survey with 112 questions.

They asked them how they perceived their social identity and efforts to self-promote.

The study shows how people are becoming more connected with their mobile phones.

People now see their phones not as a tool but as part of themselves.

“The more you customise your phone for aesthetic reasons the more it reflects who you are. You see your phone as your self,” Sunder added in a paper appeared online in the journal Media Psychology.

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