Facebook helps police find newborn's kidnapper
Tuesday 24 October, 2017

Facebook helps police find newborn’s kidnapper

Published On: Wed, May 28th, 2014 | Social Media | By BioNews

Facebook can not just make or break relationships, it can also find a missing child.

The Quebec Police in Canada have cracked a newborn kidnapping case using a Facebook post early this week.

The Facebook post – showing a photo of the vehicle and the 21-year-old woman driving it with the kidnapped newborn wrapped in a blue blanket – went viral after the kidnapping act.

Four friends hanging out in the night saw the post and one of them immediately recognised the woman – her former neighbour.

“We went out to find the car,” Charlene Plante was quoted as saying on Canada’s CTV network.

They friends drove to the woman’s apartment and saw the car parked outside.

They called the police. The baby was recovered and the woman was taken into custody.

The woman wore a nurse’s uniform when she walked into the maternity ward of a hospital in Quebec and kidnap the newborn, police said.

She left the hospital driving away in a red car with a sign “Baby on Board”.

According to Quebec police spokeswoman Christine Coulombe, police received tips from the public after publicising the case on social media.

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