Saturday 20 December, 2014

New snake species found in China

Published On: Thu, Apr 17th, 2014 | New Species | By BioNews

Chinese scientists have discovered a new species of brownish pit viper in the largest scientific study since the 1970s on wildlife at Mount Everest, known in China as Mount Qomolangma.

A genetic analysis revealed Protobothrops Himalayanus, which was first spotted at Jilong Valley in southern Tibet in 2012, to be a new snake species, Hu Huijian, co-chief of the research team, told Xinhua.

The new species was named in honour of its home, the Himalayas, said Hu.

The discovery, published in “Asian Herpetological Research”, an international authoritative academic journal, is more evidence of Tibet’s biodiversity, he added.

Currently, there are 12 valid species in the genus Protobothrops, of which seven are known to inhabit China and many of them prefer mountain areas at high elevations.

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