Sunday 23 November, 2014

Now, share your exact location with Facebook friends

Published On: Fri, Apr 18th, 2014 | Internet | By BioNews

Soon, you will be able to share your exact location with your Facebook friends.

The company has launched a new feature which can let you see which of your friends are nearby.

The ‘Nearby Friends’ feature must be turned on by the user to let his/her location known to group of friends.

How would it work?

The feature would use the GPS system on your smart phone to reveal your nearest location to Facebook friends.

By default, your exact location would be shared only for an hour and you can change this.

“’Nearby Friends’ would not be available to users under 18,” the firm said that has initially launched the feature for users in the United States.

Users can limit whom they share their location with smaller groups of friends.

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