Know the true age of your heart!
Sunday 22 October, 2017

Know the true age of your heart!

Published On: Wed, Mar 26th, 2014 | Cardiovascular / Cardiology | By BioNews

Will it be not good if you could learn how long you can live before your get a heart attack or stroke? Scientists have now designed a new tool that can predict that by calculating the true age of your heart.

The study even suggests that you can even lower the age of your heart by making amends in your lifestyle.

It is based on the growing body of evidence showing that there is a long build-up to heart disease, said the researchers from the board of Joint British Societies’ consensus recommendations for the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

The ‘JBS3’ calculator takes into account people’s current lifestyle, blood pressure, cholesterol level and medical conditions that may affect their heart.

For the majority of people, the calculator can show the potential gains from an early and sustained change to a healthier lifestyle rather than prescription of drugs, the researchers said.

Quitting smoking, adopting a healthy diet, exercising and reducing sedentary activity are regarded as ways to protect the heart.

The study appeared in the journal Heart.

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