Superior new lighting to replace fluorescent tubes
Monday 23 October, 2017

Superior new lighting to replace fluorescent tubes

Published On: Mon, Dec 3rd, 2012 | Hi-Tech Innovation | By IANS

Scientists have developed a flicker-free, shatterproof alternative that will replace the annoying buzz created by fluorescent tubes and also be easy on the eye.

The lighting, based on the field-induced polymer electroluminescent (FIPEL) technology, gives off soft, white light – not the yellowish glint from fluorescent tubes or bluish tinge from LEDs.

Credit: Ken Bennett, Wake Forest University

“People often complain that fluorescent lights bother their eyes, and the hum from the fluorescent tubes irritates anyone sitting at a desk underneath them. The new lights we have created can cure both of those problems and more,” said David Carroll, who is leading the development of this technology at Wake Forest University.

This new lighting solution is at least twice as efficient as compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs and on par with LEDs, but these bulbs won’t shatter and contaminate a home like CFLs or emit a bluish light like LED counterparts, the journal Organic Electronics reports.

“If you wanted blue lights, discos would still be popular. You want lights that have a spectral content that is appealing to us inside of a building,” Carroll said. “You want a light that won’t shatter and create a hazmat situation while your children are around.”

The device is made of three layers of moldable white-emitting polymer blended with a small amount of nanomaterials that glow when stimulated to create bright and perfectly white light similar to the sunlight human eyes prefer, according to a Wake Forest statement.

Carroll’s group is the first to make a large-scale FIPEL that can replace current office and home lighting and is based on natural white light.

Beyond office and home lighting, Carroll sees potential uses for large display lighting, from store marquees to signs on buses and subway cars.

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