A kitchen garden in your room!
Friday 20 October, 2017

A kitchen garden in your room!

Published On: Mon, Nov 5th, 2012 | Agriculture | By IANS

A kitchen garden inside your room? Yes, that’s what the new concept of ‘vertical landless farming’ promises where you can grow tomatoes, chillies and small plants inside rooms – and without any hassles too.

New York-based Britta Riley, a woman artist and technologist has devised this system for people living in apartments.

Using discarded plastic bottles to grow plants, Riley claims her technology can produce over 25 kinds of in-house plants.

The garden set up was demonstrated at Deutsche Bank pavilion at the ongoing Indo-German Urban Mela (fair) in Indraprastha park in Delhi. The device is attracting many curious visitors.

“It is called the window farms hydroponic farming system,” a volunteer told IANS while showcasing the system.

The plastic bottles have clay balls inside which help the plants stand erect. The bottles, one placed on top of the other, are housed in a long transparent plastic container with a tall ‘reservoir’ at the bottom. The reservoir is filled with water mixed with liquid nutrients for the plants, and tubes leading from it connect to the plastic bottles containing the plants.

A pump periodically shoots up the water from the reservoir, which then trickles down from bottle-to-bottle bathing the roots along the way. Water and nutrients that are not absorbed, collect in the reservoir and are pumped through again at the next cycle.

Once you sow the seeds it takes one to two weeks to turn into plants, the volunteer said.

For imitating sunlight, red, green and blue bulbs used in aquariums are placed around the setup.

The system is useful for people who would like to grow their own vegetables, the volunteer said.

It is a low-cost system that allows city dwellers to grow vegetable and other plants in a typical apartment window year-round, said the volunteer.

The Deutsche Bank pavilion has introduced other interesting systems too – like a Solar Impulse Aircraft that uses solar energy to fly.

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