Graphene could pave way for smart phones as thin and flexible as paper
Monday 20 November, 2017

Graphene could pave way for smart phones as thin and flexible as paper

Published On: Wed, Oct 10th, 2012 | Hi-Tech Innovation | By BioNews

Scientists believe graphene, the so-called “wonder material” and known as the world’s strongest (100 times stronger than steel) and thinnest (one ounce would cover 28 football fields), could revolutionize cell phones, solar panels and more.

According to the material could lead to the development of smart phones almost as thin and flexible as paper and virtually unbreakable.

Solar panels molded to cover the surface of an electric or hybrid car. Possible treatments for damaged spinal cords. It’s not science fiction.

These are other possible applications of graphene, which is the focus of a new episode of the ChemMatters video series.

The video, from the award-winning Digital Services Unit in the American Chemical Society (ACS) Office of Public Affairs, explains how graphene’s incredible properties originate from the unique arrangement of its atoms.

Like diamonds and coal, graphene is made up entirely of carbon. But unlike those materials, graphene’s carbon atoms are arranged in two-dimensional sheets, making it incredibly strong and flexible.

Since graphene also conducts electricity as well as copper, it could lead to flexible cell phone touchscreens and transparent, inexpensive solar cells.

Ongoing advances in manufacturing graphene are bringing these and other devices closer to reality.

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