Saturday 20 December, 2014

Now, ‘sound perfume’ to help make perfect first impression!

Published On: Wed, Dec 14th, 2011 | Social Health | By BioNews

A system of smells and sounds will now help in creating a unique and everlasting first impression during face-to-face interactions, researchers say.

A team from Keio University in Tokyo and the National University of Singapore (NUS) have built a Sound Perfume system, which comprises a pair of glasses equipped with speakers and scent emitters located behind the ears.

The device is run by a smart phone application that connects to the glasses via Bluetooth. Infrared sensors in the glasses can detect when a person encounters other users equipped with Sound Perfume.

The smart phone sends the name, contact number and sound/smell selections to the other user’s phone, which triggers soundtrack and scent in their glasses.

Yongsoon Choi and his team from NUS tested Sound Perfume on 52 people and found that it helped people form a positive first impression, Discovery News reported.

According to New Scientist, Choi said participants ‘seemed to enjoy the new stimuli and diverse information during face-to-face interaction.’

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