Japanese supercomputer smashes own world speed record
Tuesday 17 October, 2017

Japanese supercomputer smashes own world speed record

Published On: Fri, Nov 4th, 2011 | Computer Science | By BioNews

A supercomputer that is being developed in Kobe, Japan, is said to have broken its own record of being the world’s fastest computer.

The computer, which has been nicknamed K, exceeded the mark of 8.16 petaflops it set in June by of achieving a performance goal of 10 petaflops, or 10 quadrillion computations per second in October.

According to the developers, the results of the latest performance have been submitted to the world ranking to be presented at an international computing conference in Seattle that starts on 12th November.

The supercomputer has about 88,000 central processing units and software is now being adjusted before its planned completion in June.

“The K computer is a key national technology that will help lay the foundation for Japan”s further progress,” the Japan Times quoted Ryoji Noyori, the Riken President as saying.

“As such, I am delighted that it has achieved its major objective of 10 petaflops, demonstrating our strong technical power,” he said.

The supercomputer is being jointly developed by Fujitsu Ltd. and the Riken research institute.

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