Papercut – new app for iPad, tops App store charts
Wednesday 29 March, 2017

Papercut – new app for iPad, tops App store charts

Published On: Mon, Sep 19th, 2011 | Computer Science | By BioNews

A new application for iPad, which makes the process of storytelling interactive, has topped the charts in the App Store.

London-based developer Ustwo launched Papercut, which combines sound, video and text to tell its stories, in partnership with Shortfire Press, which has already interpreted stories by Richard Beard, Nadifa Mohamed and Laura Dockrill.

After a number of efforts with storytelling on the iPad, the application costing 3.99 pounds has reached the number one spot for the Books section.

“We initially came up with the Papercut concept in early 2011. The idea was to create a subtle, simple and easy to use reading experience that took full advantage of the iPad’s capabilities,” the Telegraph quoted Matt Mills, co-founder of Ustwo, as saying.

“Simplicity was key to whole project as we didn’t want anything too interactive to detract from the primary purpose of the product, which was to enjoy the selection of stories.

“Papercut transforms simple prose into an interactive, multi-sensory reading experience. Written content is presented in short passages and relevant video, animation, image sequences and sound are triggered in relation to the narrative.

“It moves away from the text heavy, standard page turn functionality, the reader can simply and elegantly scroll through a truly interactive experience with seamless swipes,” Mills added.

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