Male bumblebees fly hilltops to find mates
Saturday 18 November, 2017

Male bumblebees fly hilltops to find mates

Published On: Fri, Sep 9th, 2011 | Cell Biology | By BioNews

Scottish scientists have found that male bumblebees head for the hills to find mates.

The behaviour, called “hilltopping”, has been observed in butterflies in the past, but not in bees.

“It’s quite a neat, simple ‘dating’ mechanism for butterflies but nobody knew that bees did it,” the BBC quoted Professor Dave Goulson from the University of Stirling, as saying.

The study, published in the journal Ecological Entomology, revealed that it was male bumblebees from four species that were most frequently found on hilltops.

Although his results showed males congregating on hilltops, Prof Goulson did not record any females taking advantage of the gathering.

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