Coming soon: City-state communities afloat on ocean platforms
Tuesday 24 October, 2017

Coming soon: City-state communities afloat on ocean platforms

Published On: Tue, Aug 23rd, 2011 | Marine Biology | By BioNews

Do you want to live on a floating city? Well, PayPal founder Peter Thiel has recently invested 1.25 million dollars to try and make it happen.

By offering support to the Seasteading Institute, Thiel has jump-started efforts to create city-state communities afloat on ocean platforms, reports the Discovery News.

According to Details Magazine, the structures will be 12,000 tons, diesel-powered and would carry around 270 people per unit.

The idea is to link the structures together to create ocean metropolises equipped to accommodate millions of people.

Floating pilots that will include office buildings will be placed off the coast of San Francisco as early as next year.

Thiel believes that the city-states offer an opportunity to better humanity and its right to true democracy, while critics point out executing the plan would be a logistical and environmental nightmare devoid of proper urban planning.

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