12 mn Brazilians vaccinated for flu
Wednesday 22 November, 2017

12 mn Brazilians vaccinated for flu

Published On: Mon, May 9th, 2011 | Flu | By BioNews

Over 12 million Brazilians have been vaccinated for flu during the ongoing nationwide campaign, according to an official report.

The campaign that began April 25 ends May 13, Prensa Latina said.

The health ministry’s latest report, which contains data from across the country till May 6, said 50 percent of the 24 million Brazilians targeted for vaccination have received their shots.

The 24-million plan accounts for 80 percent of all citizens included in the “at-risk” groups, including people over 60, pregnant women, indigenous people, children aged seven months to two years, and health workers.

The vaccine administered this year not only protects against three main flu viruses circulating in the southern hemisphere, but also against A(H1N1) influenza.

Health Minister Alexander Padilha asked people to go to one of the 65,000 medical centres designated for the campaign.

The health ministry has acquired 33 million doses of vaccine, he added.

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