Binge drinking women may be at risk of bladder rupture
Saturday 21 October, 2017

Binge drinking women may be at risk of bladder rupture

Published On: Fri, Nov 9th, 2007 | Women Health | By BioNews

Nov 9 : Doctors are warning that women who binge drink may be at a risk of bladder rupture.

The warning comes after three cases of bladder rupture in women were reported in the UK.

Dr Mohantha Dooldeniya and colleagues reported that the three women attended hospital with lower abdominal pain after excessive alcohol consumption.

This condition has been previously seen only in men after excessive alcohol intake.

The two patients presented themselves at the hospital with symptoms consistent with urinary infection (sepsis) and so they were initially treated with antibiotics and rehydration.

In the third woman’s case, initially the doctors suspected appendicitis because of the localisation of the pain.

But after further investigation, bladder rupture was confirmed in all the three women and they underwent surgery to repair the bladder.

The report stated that in all the cases, diuresis i.e. increased discharge of urine and the dulling effect of alcohol, without the relief of bladder voiding, could be the cause of the damage.

As for the further explanation, the researchers said that alcohol consumption increased the volume of urine held within the bladder and dulled the senses such that the patient had a reduced urge to void despite the increased bladder volume.

Minor trauma, such as from a fall, will further increase the pressure and can cause rupture.

The team suggested that with the increase in alcohol consumption in women today, the complications previously seen only in men should now also be considered.

The study is reported in the British Medical Journal. (ANI)

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