Global healthcare quality conclave in Delhi
Saturday 21 October, 2017

Global healthcare quality conclave in Delhi

Published On: Fri, Feb 23rd, 2007 | Health | By BioNews

New Delhi, Feb 22 Several leading healthcare agencies from across the Globe including Joint Commission International (JCI) of the US are in Delhi to help India go up on its quality ladder.

“If technology was India’s gift in last decade, quality healthcare should be its next gift. The global agencies including those from India would deliberate and prepare a document on how to ensure quality in India,” said Y.P. Bhatia, chief of the India Healthcare Quality Forum.

Bhatia said after the international congress they are planning to hold national and city level conferences to help in percolating the concept to the grass root..

“We are forming city-wise healthcare circles and these circles will help standalone clinics, government hospitals and even dental clinics aware of the importance of quality. Every month international and national experts would help experts in the city level in this regard,” he said.

The effort too is getting a huge support from the Quality Council of India (QCI). “We have started the concept of accreditation and want that all hospitals including those in public sector improve their service,” said Gridhar J. Gyani, secretary General of QCI.

So far 11 Indian hospitals, five each by JCI and QCI and one by Australian council have been accredited for their quality services. Quality accreditation improves the flow of foreign patients to these hospitals.

“We know India is a great healthcare service provider. What we need is to wake them from slumber. JCI would be happy to share its expertise and use this platform to help Indian healthcare industry,” said JCI vice president Anne Rooney.

Nearly 250 experts from several countries are participating in the two-day conclave beginning Friday. (IANS)

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