Boosting gene expression on the X
Tuesday 17 October, 2017

Boosting gene expression on the X

Published On: Mon, Jan 2nd, 2006 | Genetics | By BioNews

A study published in the January issue of Nature Genetics finds that genes present on the X chromosome are expressed at approximately the same level as those found on non-sex chromosomes (or autosomes).

Christine Disteche and Di Nguyen compared the expression levels of genes present on the X chromosome to those found on autosomes. While only one active copy of the X chromosome is present in individual cells, there are two copies of autosomes. This work shows that there is functional dosage compensation for the single copy of genes on the X chromosome, at the level of expression of these genes. While regulation of expression of genes on the X chromosome has been found previously in other animals, including Drosophila, this is the first example of this occurring in mammals including humans.

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Di Kim Nguyen et al., Dosage compensation of the active X chromosome in mammals ,Nature Genetics 38, 47 -53 (2006)

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