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Sunday 01 February, 2015

Larger brain region linked to longevity

The dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, depicted in blue and red, is larger and linked with better function in those who carry one copy of the KLOTHO gene variant. Illustration by Michael Griffin Kelly

People who carry a variant of a gene that is associated with longevity also have larger volumes in a front part of the brain involved in planning and decision-making  More...

Spider electro-combs its sticky nano-filaments

spider web SEM

A spider commonly found in garden centres in Britain is giving fresh insights into how to spin incredibly long and strong fibres just a few nanometres thick.  More...

New insights into mammalian evolution

Enhancer Promoter Evolution

Why is a dolphin not a cat? Despite having a common ancestor, different mammalian species have acquired their unique characteristics by repurposing functional elements through More...

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